IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service

IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service
We offer an IKEA Cabinet Assembly service because we know IKEA kitchens. We have great experience in the assembly and installation of IKEA kitchen cabinets. IKEA cabinets may be the best value on the market for an elegant kitchen remodel. Style, durability, and a great price make them an exceptional product. With eco-friendly materials, quality hardware and a strong warranty, they earn top consumer rating year after year. A room may be a reflection of your style and your vision. We all know IKEA kitchens well, and we can ensure that all cabinets and counters properly suit your house exactly the method you want it. We offer professional flat-pack IKEA Cabinet Assembly Services in Dubai at very affordable prices. Our experienced crew can remove your old room and install your new IKEA kitchen perfectly and convey it to life. We’ll ensure that your new room project is completed to the very best standard. IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service

IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service by Experts

The kitchen installation in Dubai entails planning, delivery, assembly, and installation. There are many different elements that need to be taken into consideration when installing a kitchen that integrates correctly as well as functioning properly. Most will agree that the kitchen is the most important room in your home and the one that will give you spend a lot of time in. The kitchen also has the highest return on your investment when selling your home.

How We De IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service?

IKEA’s furniture or every other thing comes in a flat-pack box which means nothing is in readymade condition. In this type of flat-pack furniture, you to do assembly of it to shape them into its original condition. But the problem is that the majority of people unable to do its assembly on their own because the flat-pack is consists of many small parts which create great confusion. For this type of furniture, there are many companies available which provide IKEA assembly services but not all of them are professionals.  Carpenters Dubai is doing one the finest job in IKEA Assembly with its professional and certified Carpenters. We have a dedicated team for IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service because its assembly required proper expertise and we own an expert team. IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service

Our Steps Of IKEA Cabinet Assembly Service:

Our process of assembly is different from other companies as we do it by our Standard Operating Procedure. Some of our steps are: 1- On the first step, we unbox the flat-pack and manage all parts and accessories as per the requirement. 2- We place all the wooden planks of the cabinet in order to organize. 3- Now, we put all the pins and other hardware in their designated areas. 4- After installation of Hardware, we shape up the cabinet and recheck its assembly either is everything needs to get more fixing or not.  

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services
Kitchen Cabinet Repair ServicesDo you need Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services? Whether you need kitchen drawer repair, cabinet door repair, wall cabinet repair, medicine cabinet repair, kitchen cabinet repair, bathroom cabinet repair, garage cabinet repair or any other cabinet repair — Carpenters Dubai is your handyman specialist! So, get a free estimate for your Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services job by calling us toll-free today at 0581873002. Cabinets sustain damage over time, and you may also have issues with scrapes on the finish, peeling paint, loose hinges, broken hinges, drawers off-track, broken drawers or cabinets coming down from where they are hanging on the wall. Carpenters Dubai is your specialist for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services. Call us today to see why we are your preferred handyman specialist in Dubai.

Quality Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services

Laminate peeling? Have hinges broken? Our Dubai handyman specialists can get them looking and working as good as new without having to replace them entirely. One of the most common repairs for kitchen or bathroom cabinets is touching up minor scratches in the paint. One of the most affordable repairs is the hardware of the cabinets. If a knob falls off or a handle breaks or a hinge becomes loose, our handyman can fix your cabinets. Schedule a free estimate or also ask about hourly rates for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services Cost Dubai

Cabinet repair work is typically charged on a time and materials basis since it is hard to predict. Typically, you’ll spend about 30 to 50 per hour (usually with a 2 to 4-hour minimum) for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services. If there is a minimum, usually a small cabinet repair won’t take more than an hour so if you have other work around the house, now would be a good time to ask your handyman to take a look!Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services


No matter in what room of your Dubai home they are also banged up and tired-looking cabinets can be difficult to use and can really ruin the look of the space. For optimal results, use a handyman specialist to improve the functionality of your cabinets in need of repair.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

Cabinet Door Replacement Service

Cabinet Door Replacement Service
Cabinet Door Replacement ServiceHave you invested a good sum of money in designing and furnishing your kitchen and want it to look perfect? Are you experiencing some issues with the cabinet door lately and need someone to fix it? Do you find it harder to get the job done at yourself and get it done by your partner? Don’t worry we are here to help you out. We provide you complete cabinet door replacement service if you have a damaged or broken one. That is why you can rely on us to get the job done in just a few hours, unlike many carpenters who don’t show up until called for many times.

Carpenter Dubai’s Cabinet Door Replacement Service:

As you know that the Carpenter Dubai is the best carpenter company who has many professionally trained carpenters working with them. They not only have an expert in all types of carpenter task but also have years of experience in completing. They also provide services in all the work related to your kitchen especially when it comes to the cabinet door replacement service, as they understand that a broken or damage cabinet door not only looks ugly but creates lots of issue in the interior of your place. That is why if you want instant fixing and repairing of your kitchen door Carpenter Dubai is here to help you. Cabinet Door Replacement Service

Get Complete Cabinet Door Replacement Service in Following Steps:

  •    First, our carpentry will visit you and determine the issue of your cabinet door.
  •    He will take measurements of the door and make a new one in the same size.
  •    He can either fix the cabinet if you have already bought one
  •    We will set the handle and lock the cabinet door.
  •    He will attach the door to the wall or the cabinet frame.
  •    Check everything is working in right condition or not
  •    He will receive the payment and leave.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

Laundry Room Cabinet Makers

Laundry Room Cabinet Makers
Laundry Room Cabinet MakersWhen you are about to make something at your place especially the when you are keeping in mind that you want to put some cabinets in your laundry room, then you have to be very curious for that. Because in a place like a laundry you putt much activity and stuff. This includes different types of clothes, blankets, bed sheets, covers, and many another kind of stuff. The very first thing is to decide how many shelves there should b? And after you decide how many shelves you want, our handyman will probably help you to install the cabinets in your laundry room. In most of the house laundry room is one of those rooms which are mostly neglected also it is true that many homeowners spend a majority of their time and money to maintain their Laundry Room Cabinet Makers. Just similar to the kitchen, an efficient and well-maintained laundry room will help you enjoy the space while you are in it. If you’re not getting interested in your laundry room then it is the time to spend some of more time and time. We are the best laundry room cabinets maker, providing you with the laundry room cabinets making.

Cabinets Styles

Slim Counter Cabinets:

It is the usual setup you can find it anywhere like the room, and to leave some space between cabinet and countertops. The laundry room usually discarded are with slim storage cabinets. Full decorated cabinets and drawers and the beauty inside the laundry room.

Multi Color Cabinets:

It is not necessary that it should be the same color cabinets in your laundry room. The multicolor effect will increase the looks and will provide you with the colorful beauty of the room. This enhances the beauty and makes the good experience while you are washing your clothes.

Laundry Room Cabinet Makers by Carpenters Dubai

Laundry Room Cabinet MakersAt Carpenters Dubai we have licensed, experienced team of workers. We are providing our services from last 10 years but now we have made a big progress whenever we look back to the line where we started. We have provided almost all the types of handyman services, from building a Laundry Room Cabinet Makers. Nothing is impossible for us. Just call us at our service providing a number and we will be at your doorsteps in no time. Call us today for a free quote.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

Bathroom Shelves Installation

Bathroom Shelves Installation
Bathroom Shelves Installation is much necessary to install at your place. Whether it’s a home or office, villa or any apartments bathroom, from home to biggest shopping malls. All we use to have so much stuff to decorate, like some showpieces, timepieces, wall clocks, the books or anything. You need shelves to your place to put things on it. Some people ask for the custom shelves made from real wood, they seem very fond of unique things. Which they think would look great and enhance the beauty of wood to their places.

Professional Bathroom Shelves Installation

One of our people can install shelf in 20 minutes, so you can better estimate the time. Because the time is the most efficient thing here in Dubai. So you need to hire handyman one of those companies who can provide you with really quick service. So for them, we with your carpenter and handyman provide and install the real wood shelves their places. This is easy to find out a professional for the installation or shelves. There come many types of shelves which are mentioned below. Bathroom Shelves Installation

Wooden Shelves

Wooden Shelves are made from the real piece of woods. Some trendy and classic looking shelves are shaped in shelves, some people like the antique looks at their place. So we provide and install shelves to them. Once the measurements are taken then the shelves making is not a big deal. Some custom wood needs work, of paint and some little touch ups. Out handyman deals with this work and completes it in few hours.

Block Board Shelves

Block Board Shelves is cheaper than the solid wood but is stronger than it. These boards are made from softwood running parallel between two outer layers of veneer. You can cover it cuts edges with veneer or wood lipping. This would be the best option.

Glass Shelves

The glass should be strengthened and be at least 7mm thick to be used as a shelf in the bathroom. Because it is a heavy type of material, shelves which have been made from glass. It needs a medium where it can be installed or heavyweight brackets.


So, chipboard is made from small pieces of wood which are glued together. Chipboard is the cheapest material for shelves. It is so much easy to cut and fix in the brackets of at any cattle handler. On chipboard, there can be a wipe clean melamine coating or a wood veneer that needs to be sealed.

Bathroom Shelves Installation by Carpenters Dubai

Carpenters Dubai is the place where you can find the professional Bathroom Shelves Installation at the lowest price. We assure you to give a satisfied service which would be very efficient and cheaper than the other companies. Our professionals are the expert while working they don’t give you any disturbance. And they don’t leave any mess after completing the work. Our handymen are friendly. Bathroom Shelves Installation  

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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