Kennel Doors Installation

Kennel Doors Installation

As a pet owner, ensuring your furry friend has a safe space is one of your top priorities. For that reason, kennel doors installation is an important task that requires professional expertise. You want doors that are secure yet accessible, durable yet comfortable. At Carpenter Dubai, we understand those needs and have the experience to deliver kennel doors that meet your standards.

Kennel Doors Installation

For over a decade, Carpenter Dubai has provided high-quality kennel doors and installation services to pet owners across Dubai. Our team brings a wealth of experience in carpentry, metalwork, and security systems. We use only the finest, pet-safe materials to construct kennel doors that are customized to your needs and space. Safety, security, and comfort – those are our guiding principles for every kennel door we design and install. When you’re ready to provide your pet with a kennel they will love, contact Carpenter Dubai. Our knowledgeable staff will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and ensure the perfect kennel doors for your furry family member. Quality, customized kennel doors installed by professionals – that is what Carpenter Dubai delivers.

What Are Kennel Doors?

Kennel doors, also known as dog run doors or animal enclosure doors, are doors designed specifically for animal kennels, runs, and enclosures. They provide secure containment for dogs or other animals while allowing convenient access.

Kennel doors are typically made of sturdy, animal-resistant materials such as:

  • Galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Wood provides an attractive appearance but requires diligent maintenance.
  • Aluminum, is a lightweight yet durable option.
  • Wire mesh or bars for visibility and ventilation.

Kennel doors often feature:

  • Secure locking mechanisms to prevent animal escape. Options include slide bolts, padlocks, and integrated keyed or keyless locks.
  • frames and hinges that are securely installed to withstand animal scratching and chewing.
  • Weather-resistant finishes and seals to protect from elements like rain, snow, and wind.
  • Optional accessories like ramps, trap doors, or kennel door openers for convenience.

By providing tailored, high-quality kennel doors, Carpenter Dubai helps ensure the safe, long-term containment of your animals. Our kennel doors are thoughtfully designed and built to exacting standards using the most suitable, hard-wearing materials so you can have peace of mind about the security and welfare of your dogs or other animals.

Why Install Kennel Doors for Your Pets?

As a caring pet owner, ensuring your furry friends’ safety, security and comfort is a top priority. Installing high-quality kennel doors provides peace of mind that your pets have a dedicated space to call their own while also allowing them freedom to come and go as they please.

  • Safety. Kennel doors provide an enclosed space for your pets to stay when you are not home to supervise them. This helps avoid potential hazards in the home and prevents accidental escape. Properly installed doors are securely locked to prevent unwanted entry.
  • Comfort. Kennel doors transform an area into a cozy space for your pets to rest, nap, and play. You can outfit the kennel with beds, toys, food, and water bowls to make it an inviting retreat.
  • Convenience. Kennel doors allow your pets the independence to enter and exit their kennel on their own. You can keep the kennel doors open during the day for free access and close them at night or when away from home.

For professional kennel door installation in Dubai, contact the experienced team at Carpenter Dubai. We source and install high-quality kennel doors to suit your specific needs and ensure the safety, security, and comfort of your beloved pets.

Kennel Doors Installation

What to Look for When Choosing Kennel Doors Installation Service?

When selecting a kennel door installation service, there are several factors to consider:

  • Experience and expertise. Look for a company with extensive experience installing kennel doors and enclosures. They should be knowledgeable about various kennel door types, sizes, and materials. An experienced company will also be able to properly install the doors to ensure safety, security, and weather resistance.
  • Range of services. Choose a company that offers a full range of kennel door installation and repair services. This includes measuring, custom building, and installing new kennel doors as well as repairing or replacing existing doors. They should handle both commercial and residential kennel doors and enclosures.
  • Quality products. Look for a company that provides and installs high-quality, durable kennel doors and components. Doors and hardware should be made of strong, weather-resistant materials like aluminum, steel, and polypropylene. All components should meet safety standards and building codes.
  • Reasonable pricing. Get estimates from different companies to compare. Look for competitive and transparent pricing for high-quality kennel door products and professional installation services. Avoid very low prices which may indicate lower quality or inexperienced installers.
  • Positive reviews. Check online reviews from the company’s previous customers. Look for mostly positive reviews mentioning good experiences with the quality of kennel doors installed, professional workmanship, reasonable pricing, and courteous service. Use reviews to help determine the best kennel door installation service for your needs.

How Carpenter Dubai Can Help?

Carpenter Dubai has over 10 years of experience installing high-quality kennel doors in Dubai. Our expert team can help ensure your kennel doors are properly installed and securely fitted.

How We Can Help

Carpenter Dubai offers custom kennel door installation services for dog breeders, pet boarding facilities, veterinary clinics, and more. Our services include:

  • Conducting a site survey to determine the optimal door type, size, and placement based on your needs and space requirements. We can install single or double kennel doors.
  • Providing high-quality stainless steel kennel doors that are durable, hygienic, and secure. Our doors feature heavy-duty hinges and locks for safety.
  • Professionally installing your kennel doors to ensure they are level, securely fitted, and properly sealed. We securely attach the doors to kennel frames and walls to prevent any gaps.
  • Offering kennel door repair and maintenance services to fix any damaged or malfunctioning doors. We can also provide regular servicing to ensure optimal operation.
  • Providing guidance on kennel door usage and best practices to keep your facility secure while ensuring the safe containment and welfare of animals.

Kennel Doors Installation

With our experience and expertise, Carpenter Dubai can properly install high-quality kennel doors tailored to your unique needs. Our professional services will give you peace of mind knowing your facility is safe, secure, and well-equipped to properly care for animals. For more details on our kennel door installation services in Dubai, contact us today at 0581873002.


As a pet owner, ensuring your furry friends have a safe and secure space is a top priority. By installing custom kennel doors, you are providing them with a space tailored to their needs where they can eat, sleep, and play without worry of escape or intrusion. At Carpenter Dubai, we understand the importance of quality, custom carpentry work. Our experienced team has installed kennel doors and enclosures for clients across Dubai, building spaces suited to any breed of dog. We use only the highest quality, durable materials to create kennels and doors that will last for years to come, providing security and peace of mind for pet owners. So, For kennel doors installation in Dubai, contact our team today. We are happy to provide a free consultation and estimate to build the perfect space for your beloved pets.


Are kennel doors suitable for all types of pets?

Absolutely! Kennel doors can be customized to accommodate various types of pets, not just dogs. Whether you have cats, rabbits, or even small livestock, we can tailor the doors to suit their needs and ensure their safety and comfort within the enclosure.

How long does it take to install kennel doors?

Installation times may differ based on factors like the enclosure’s size, the door design’s complexity, and any added features or customizations. However, our team at Carpenter Dubai strives to complete installations efficiently without compromising on quality, typically within a day or two.

Can you install kennel doors in existing enclosures?

Yes, we can! Our team is experienced in retrofitting kennel doors into existing enclosures, whether they’re in residential settings or commercial facilities. We’ll assess the space, discuss your requirements, and customize the doors to seamlessly integrate into your current setup.

Are kennel doors weatherproof?

Absolutely. Weather resistance is a crucial aspect of kennel door design. Our doors are constructed using materials that can withstand outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Additionally, we apply weather-resistant finishes and seals to ensure durability and longevity, keeping your pets safe and comfortable in any weather condition.

Do you offer maintenance services for kennel doors?

Yes, we do. At Carpenter Dubai, we understand that regular maintenance is essential to keep kennel doors functioning optimally. We offer maintenance services to inspect, repair, and lubricate mechanisms, replace worn-out parts, and address any issues to ensure the continued safety and security of your pets within their enclosure.

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