Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services

Kitchen Cabinet Repair ServicesDo you need Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services? Whether you need kitchen drawer repair, cabinet door repair, wall cabinet repair, medicine cabinet repair, kitchen cabinet repair, bathroom cabinet repair, garage cabinet repair or any other cabinet repair — Carpenters Dubai is your handyman specialist! So, get a free estimate for your Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services job by calling us toll-free today at 0581873002. Cabinets sustain damage over time, and you may also have issues with scrapes on the finish, peeling paint, loose hinges, broken hinges, drawers off-track, broken drawers or cabinets coming down from where they are hanging on the wall. Carpenters Dubai is your specialist for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services. Call us today to see why we are your preferred handyman specialist in Dubai.

Quality Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services

Laminate peeling? Have hinges broken? Our Dubai handyman specialists can get them looking and working as good as new without having to replace them entirely. One of the most common repairs for kitchen or bathroom cabinets is touching up minor scratches in the paint. One of the most affordable repairs is the hardware of the cabinets. If a knob falls off or a handle breaks or a hinge becomes loose, our handyman can fix your cabinets. Schedule a free estimate or also ask about hourly rates for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services Cost Dubai

Cabinet repair work is typically charged on a time and materials basis since it is hard to predict. Typically, you’ll spend about 30 to 50 per hour (usually with a 2 to 4-hour minimum) for Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services. If there is a minimum, usually a small cabinet repair won’t take more than an hour so if you have other work around the house, now would be a good time to ask your handyman to take a look!Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services


No matter in what room of your Dubai home they are also banged up and tired-looking cabinets can be difficult to use and can really ruin the look of the space. For optimal results, use a handyman specialist to improve the functionality of your cabinets in need of repair.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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