Dressing table assembly service

Dressing table assembly service

Have you purchased a new dressing table and you have no idea how to assemble it? It’s not a good idea to try assembling it yourself. Maybe the instructions are confusing and you don’t have time to play games. Also, you don’t want to damage your brand new dressing table. Then you should definitely hire professional dressing table assembly services.  Carpenter Dubai is the name people trust the most for their furniture assembly. You can also call us for your dressing table assembly service!

Our professionals can come to you fully equipped with all the important tools to turn your newly purchased pieces into a fully formed dressing table. There is nothing worse than getting your new dressing table but waiting to use it because it is not assembled yet. Other home services providers will make you wait but carpenter Dubai can quickly arrive at your place and assemble your dressing table as soon as possible. 

Contact us for all your dressing table assembly needs :

Carpenter Dubai is highly experienced and skilled in this type of work so choosing our dressing table assembly service is a great choice. Our assembly team will guide you with each and everything about your dressing table assembly and maintenance. We can take care of everything from choosing the right dressing table for you to installing it in your place. Our expert carpenters can check your chosen place and figure out all the possible issues. So if there is no problem with it we start assembling your dressing table. Carpenter Dubai understands how important and expensive your dressing table is. That’s why we carefully do all the required assembly and install all the accessory lighting and connect it with an electrical socket.Dressing table assembly service

Our professionals can assemble your dressing table according to the safety regulations and manufacturer’s instructions. You don’t want any random and unskilled workers to assemble your furniture because they are not competent enough to properly assemble it and it can cause damage. Dressing table assembly services from carpenter Dubai is the right choice because we have years of experience and command in all types of furniture assembling.

The most reliable and trusted dressing table assembly services

No matter what brand your dressing table is and how big or small it is. We have complete knowledge and expertise in handling all types of dressing tables. Carpenter Dubai has been serving people and providing home services for many years. In these years we have helped thousands of our clients with their dressing table assembly and we have our happy and satisfied customers around Dubai. We know that your time is important and when we book an appointment you must be waiting for us.

Our team of experts always reaches your place at the promised time and completes their work within time.  We use all the right and advanced tools for assembling your dressing table. However, we can also come to your location with all the required tools so there will be no disturbance while assembling your furniture. Our team of experts will never leave your property until you tell us that you are satisfied with our services. Book us now for your dressing table assembly and we can promise you all the satisfaction and reliability in our work.

TV console installation services

TV console installation services

Wooden TV consoles are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your house. It enhances the look of your living room and makes your TV wall more appealing. Carpenter Dubai is providing outclass TV console installation services to make your office, home, and outlets more lively and beautiful. We have a team of skilled carpenters who can install a TV console of your choice in your home with full efficiency and expertise and you will be pleased to see how it changes the whole look of your wall. It is not easy to trust anyone for the installation of TV consoles because you don’t want any damage to your expensive investment.

Carpenters Dubai have been providing TV console installation services for so long and we are expert in installing all types and sizes of tv consoles in both commercial and residential units. 

Quality Dressing table assembly service services :

You can get hundreds of TV console installation services providers but you never know how many of them are professional and experts in this work. Carpenter Dubai has professional and skilled carpenters to install your TV console. We start our work by visiting your location any time you want and have a complete idea of your work then we discuss the total estimate with you and start the installation process after your approval. No matter what size and shape of TV console you want to install at your place. We are specialized in working with all sizes, shapes, and companies. Our services are not limited to just one area, we offer our services for your home, offices, restaurants, outlets, malls, and other organizations.

TV console installation services

Carpenters Dubai can make your TV console perfectly fitted with your Wall. Our services are quick and we finish our work within the estimated time. Our services are efficient and our rates are very reasonable. You cannot get such competitive prices anywhere in Dubai. 

Why you should trust us for your TV console installation services :

Buying a new TV and TV console is a good idea but installing it by yourself is never a good idea because a little mishandling can cause you a big loss. That’s why hiring an expert for this work should be done so you know that your project is in the right hands and you can sit back until we finish setting up your TV console for you. 

Carpenter Dubai has a team of professionals who can easily install your TV console tailored according to your requirements, your space, and your choice. That’s not all but we also provide excellent TV console repair and maintenance services. You can hire us for the installation, repairing, and maintenance services of your TV console. We can guarantee you the best services at a genuine cost.

Carpentry services Emaar South

Carpentry services Emaar South

Emaar south is the golf course development in Dubai south and it offers a new concept of modern and well-designed built townhouses. This is a new housing project offering a fulfilling lifestyle with all luxurious facilities. Carpentry services Emaar South are now providing our quality services there as well so you meet all your basic daily life needs. 

Carpentry services Emaar South

Wooden furniture is mandatory in most house interiors. But like everything, overuse leads to maintenance and repairing of the wooden furniture or doors or windows. And this is why you need carpentry services in Emaar south. Because continual use of wooden furniture and doors and windows can cause loose joints, breakage, scratches, and chipped corners. Because it’s all about the interiors of your house, office, or restaurant, you always seek to make it impressive with all the aesthetic decorative items. Carpenter Dubai is the name that fulfills all your interior needs by providing repairing and maintenance services for all your wooden furniture and interiors. Whether it’s your bedroom, dining area, offices, or your kitchen or bathrooms. We can provide a wide range of services for all your interior needs. 

Carpentry services Emaar south offers you

It can be a  furniture repairing service you need or maybe regular maintenance for your furniture or maybe a new sofa set or dining table for your home. We can fulfill all your demands according to your needs. With our carpentry services, you can notice a new essence and attraction in your furniture that can not be achieved by any other service. We have a team of expert carpenters that can provide you with the best carpentry services all over Dubai. However, we can provide you with services like custom-made sofa, doors, dining table, cabinets, headboards, tables, and windows. We also offer you a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.

Carpentry services Emaar South

Carpenter Dubai can design your furniture and doors and windows with the best quality wood that gives beauty and reliability along it. We also provide repairing and maintenance services for your old wooden pieces. We can also turn them into a new and beautiful piece that you would love to have. Our high-quality polishing services are all you need to change the look of your furniture and give a new sense of appearance to your home and offices. 

Professional and trained carpentry services in Emaar south:

Carpentry services Emaar south has been providing the best quality polishing and furniture repairing and maintenance service for the people of Dubai for many years. Our carpenters are also specialized in furniture assembling, furniture repairing, partition making, and fixing door handles and hinges. Professionals at Carpenter Dubai use the most advanced tools and are well trained and skilled in their work. Our services include repairing, refurbishing, polishing, maintenance, and fixing the old wooden furniture to make it new. We provide on-time services and try to complete them in less time. Hiring a professional and expert carpentry service provider for your home can increase the overall worth of your home and office. If you need urgent carpentry services in Emaar south, feel free to contact us. We are 24 hours available to serve you.

Recliner Bed Repair

Recliner Bed Repair

Recliners are common in many homes for a variety of reasons. They provide unparalleled comfort and can frequently be bought in matching suits, making them visually attractive as well. Many people are unaware of the sophistication of most recliner beds. Recliners are comprised of a number of mechanical and electrical components. Because your recliner is made up of so many various elements, normal wear and tear will gradually deteriorate or damage individual components, causing your chair to lose functionality, aesthetics, or comfort. With carpenter Dubai’s large range of recliner bed repair, you don’t have to go through the hassle and cost of looking for a new recliner; simply have damaged or broken parts rebuilt or repaired.

However, Carpenter Dubai understands the importance of a good recliner and is familiar with the systems and components that go into them. This enables us to successfully repair any damage to your recliner and return it to showroom condition. Damage like this may even provoke you to consider replacing your recliner, though you will then face the significant cost of a new furniture suite, which can also cost a lot. There is, thankfully, a solution for you: professional recliner repairs.

Recliner Bed Repair

We know everything about Recliner bed repair 

Carpenter Dubai Recliner bed repair has a long history of working with recliners. We have an extensive understanding of the common and unusual issues that may affect the appearance, functionality, or comfort of your recliner. We will repair almost any problem with your recliner and have replacement parts such as wires, handles, levers, mechanisms, frames, electrical motors, and electrical components. Not only that, but we can also fit them for you, and some of our recliner bed repairs can even be completed on-site in a single visit.  This not only saves you time and money but also encourages you to preserve the comfort of your old recliner.


Keeping beds and mattresses in good condition contributes to a restful night’s sleep. All technicians have worked with many of the major adjustable bed makers and will detect and repair the majority of problems on the first visit.

We understand the significance of Recliner bed repair and the effect a broken bed, particularly an adjustable bed, can have on a good night’s sleep. We specialize in servicing and repairing riser recliner beds.  Our professional repair team will get you back up and running as soon as possible.


  • Broken, Sticking, or Noisy Motors
  • Malfunctioning Lift Motors and Mechanisms
  • Interior replacement
  • Faulty Handset Controls
  • Transformers
  • Replacement Wiring
  • Head and Foot End Bar Replacement
  • Slat Replacement

Recliner Bed Repair


Carpenter Dubai repair damaged recliners’ furniture as well as repair or replace any broken mechanisms. Each one of our technicians is able to perform both electric and manual recliner repairs.

However, the most common problem with recliners is the problem with the electronics failing or being unreliable. If necessary, our technicians will replace these for you and test them to ensure that they are safe to use. Tears, scratches, scuffs, burns, or stains are also common problems, as is the need to replace cables or mechanisms.

Outdoor Furniture Repair

Outdoor Furniture Repair

The humidity and moisture of the Dubai climate can be devastating to outdoor wood furnishings such as tables, doors, and seating. Intense heat, combined with storms and wet seasons, exposes the wood to the elements, causing the coating to peel and wood furniture and buildings to fade and crack. It is critical to care for and preserve outdoor furniture regularly to keep it looking good and prevent deterioration. However, Carpenter Dubai has a statewide network of experts in Outdoor Furniture Repair and Furniture Restoration Dubai. We will provide a service that ranges from minor chips or dents to full renovation of outdoor tables or seating, we’re able to deliver a service that matches your expectations.

We have experience with outdoor furniture repair, renovation, and maintenance, including the following:

  1. Cleaning, sanding, and re-staining furniture are all part of the renovation and preservation process.
  2. Outdoor furniture repairs include corner/edge rebuilding, dent, chip, scuff, and watermark repair.
  3. Cleaning, sanding, and re-staining of outdoor decks, doors, green roofs, fences, pillars, feature screening, and staircases.

Outdoor Furniture Repair


So it is easier than you believe to repair and modernize your old and worn-out outdoor furniture while being environmentally conscious. With a little imagination, you can turn your shabby pieces into the focal point of your entertainment area.


Outdoor chairs are frequently padded and cushioned. They decay faster than other forms of furniture because they are exposed to the weather. Therefore, removing the old cushion cover and replacing it with new fabrics, can be readily amended.

TIP: Cushion covers have the ability to brighten or soften a room. Allow the fabrics to do their work and create an environment that would make you want to spend time outside.


Pallets are very trendy right now, and because they are so flexible, they will be around for a long time!  Creativity has now made it a design feature to use to build furniture and outdoor features, and the options are unlimited! Pallets may be repurposed into furniture, outdoor lounge chairs, vegetable garden beds, wall painting, and so on.


The advantage of old wrought iron-legged tables and chairs is that the top may be brass, metal, glass, or timber. All of these materials can be readily spruced up to add a splash of color.

Outdoor Furniture Repair


Fortunately, wooden tables are incredibly easy to work with, and you can easily achieve a new look.

To lessen the risk of splinters, just sand back all loose pieces of timber and round off the corners. Apply several coats of stain in the desired color, allowing the table to dry between coats.

However, making the most of the furniture you already have does not require you to be satisfied with its current state. By making a few basic upcycling choices, you can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Try an outdoor furniture repair before throwing it away and repairing it to be a friend to the environment and save yourself a lot of money. You’ll be impressed at how simple and efficient our services are.

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