Furniture Restoration Dubai

Furniture Restoration Dubai

We specialize in furniture restoration of all eras, including new, retro, vintage, and antique. So when it comes to furniture repair, our Furniture Restoration Dubai team has a wealth of expertise and experience and firmly believes in good old-fashioned service with outstanding craftsmanship. Whatever condition your furniture is in, chances are we’ll fix it and give it new life! Carpenter Dubai can then quickly restore your furniture to its former glory. Therefore in Dubai, we can conduct furniture repair and restorations in both residential homes and commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, and offices.

Furniture Restoration Dubai

  • Antique Restoration and repairs
  • Modern Furniture Repair
  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Veneer repairs
  • French Polishing
  • Chair repairs
  • Tabletops re-jointed and re-glued
  • Woodcarving
  • Moldings replaced
  • Woodturning, wooden knobs, finials legs
  • Cane repairs, hang strung, machine cane, seagrass, Lloyd reed loom, blind cane
  • Glass cut to size, tabletops, bent glass
  • Mirror silvering
  • Leather top desks tooled
  • Leadlight repairs

The Wooden Furniture Restoration Dubai process

However, in Dubai, wood finishing is a popular way of repairing furniture. This method is used to polish and secure the surface of wooden furniture. We used the wood finishing technique, so our experts can easily restore the original and classy appearance of antique furniture. Good finishes can protect and extend the life of wooden furniture. Furthermore, the furniture finishing process keeps wooden surfaces sanitary and seals pores. Traditional techniques such as staining, sanding, and so on are performed by furniture restoration Dubai experts.

Furniture Restoration Dubai

Furniture re-canning

Furniture re-canning is a reliable choice for restoring antique furniture. However, many canning products, such as splint, rush, Hong Kong grass, and so on, are used in this process. Aside from that, many experts favor wicker as a canning material. The process of re-scanning furniture can make an old and antique chair both beautiful and durable.

French polishing

French polishing is an ancient and simple method of restoring old wooden furniture. So it is a furnishing process that produces a glossy surface with deep color and chatoyancy. French polishing experts typically use a rubbing pad to apply the shellac. This method is also used to polish pianos and guitars, as well as other musical instruments made of wood.

Upholstered furniture restoration in Dubai

Ultimately, this restoration technique is used to restore upholstered wooden furniture. Dirt, stains, and scratches have severely harmed these upholstery fabrics. As a result, proper furniture repair and restoration will extend the life of damaged furniture. With a few easy measures, Furniture Restoration Dubai experts can easily repair all forms of scratches and cuts. These processes are quick and make old furniture look brand new. So, if you have an old piece of wooden furniture, you can refurbish it. So, if you have an old piece of wooden furniture, you can contact a reputable furniture restoration company like Furniture Restoration Dubai, which provides all types of restoration services at an affordable price.


Carpenter Dubai Exceptional Restoration Services

If you have a damaged piece of furniture, you can rely on Carpenter Dubai for a flawless restoration service.

Antique Specialist

Dealing with Design will tailor a restoration, design, or fabrication service to almost any budget.

10 Years of Expertise

We have been restoring furniture for over 10 years and have a dedicated team.

Service Rating of 5 Stars

Collectors, Auction Houses, Furniture Dealers, and Interior Designers all highly recommend us.

Professional Furniture Restoration Dubai

Carpenter Dubai offers you the best furniture restoration services. Our team has years of experience in the field and we know our work well. We can help you with all types of furniture, from antique to new, from big to small. We use only quality materials to restore your furniture so that it will last longer and look as good as new. Moreover, we have a wide range of experience with various types of materials like leather, wood, metal, and others. We always make sure that we use the best possible techniques available for each type of material to ensure that your furniture is restored to its original condition.

Furniture Restoration Dubai

Contact us today!

We are a furniture restoration company in Dubai that offers affordable services for all your furniture and home décor needs. We strive to provide professional service and quality workmanship, using the best materials available. Moreover, we treat each client as an individual and take their requests into consideration when designing and building custom projects. Whether you need help refinishing a table, restoring a chair, or reupholstering something old, we can help you get it done! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs: we will bring your furniture back to life for less than half the price of getting it professionally restored. If you want something unique or different from what your neighbors have, we can help you with that too! Contact us today!


In conclusion, if you’re in need of furniture restoration services in Dubai, Carpenter Dubai stands out as a reliable and experienced choice. With over 10 years of expertise, their team specializes in restoring furniture of all eras, from antiques to modern pieces. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including antique restoration, modern furniture repair, upholstery, cabinet repairs, and more.

The Wooden Furniture Restoration Dubai process, including wood finishing, re-canning, French polishing, and upholstered furniture restoration, reflects their commitment to using various techniques to bring old furniture back to life. Their attention to detail and use of quality materials ensure that the restored furniture not only looks good but also lasts longer. If you’re looking for affordable furniture restoration services in Dubai that don’t compromise on quality, Carpenter Dubai is the go-to choice. Contact them today to breathe new life into your furniture and enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

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Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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