TV Mounting

TV Mounting

Carpenters Dubai specializes in TV Mounting of all types of TVs including Plasma, LCD, and LED equipment all over Dubai. Combining leading-edge product expertise with the latest technology and creative, customized support. Carpenters Dubai provides you with the solution to meet the specific needs of your home or business. All cables are going to be professionally hidden in your wall cavity thus there’ll be no unpleasant cords to stress concerning.

TV Mounting


Carpenters Dubai specializes in a range of quality TV Wall Mounting brackets and Installations. Our highly qualified professional technicians have a range of TV Mounting solutions for any size TV installed to suit your requirements. Our experienced and skilled TV Wall Mounting installers can mount any size screen to only about any wall. Fixing screen brackets needs extreme care and also the correct fixings, to make sure your screen stays on the wall. The TV Wall Mounting professionals, mount it properly and have peace of mind.

TV Mounting by Carpenters Dubai

We advise, provide, and install all of your visual necessities for TV Wall mounting together with Plasma, LCD & LED. We are able to conjointly provide an acceptable high-quality slimline TV wall mount bracket for all kinds. Or as an alternative, you’ll purchase your own bracket for us to put in for you. We offer you the most effective top-definition broadcasts guaranteeing you relish the advantages HD TV needs to provide.

What TV Mounting Bracket ought I Choose?

These are samples of the three most popular styles of brackets that are typically used for TV wall mounting.

Full Motion Swing Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket

This bracket is adjustable. It’ll move left, right, up, and down and incorporates a full variety of motions.

TV Mounting

Tilt TV Wall Mounting Bracket

This bracket will tilt down or up. We don’t extremely suggest employing a bracket like this unless you have got a no different choice. The most effective thanks to mount a TV is at eye level once you are sitting down. Thus not extremely counseled unless you’re going to mount the TV high on the wall.

Fixed TV Wall Mounting Bracket

This is often the proper kind of bracket to use to mount your TV at eye level to relinquish.
Due to the varied range of TV brands and sizes, we generally suggest once you purchase your TV. That you just raise what TV bracket would fit your TV and buy it along with your TV. Carpenters Dubai is happy to put in the bracket you offer to any wall you request.

Carpenters Dubai’s Expert Advice

If you’d like – we might even be happy to provide an appropriate bracket. We supply knowledgeable recommendations on what bracket would be suitable for your TV. Carpenters Dubai will take on any Installation project whether large or small.  From putting in a replacement Digital TV Antenna to wall mounting your digital TV, we will bring you a clearer image. We also have over 8 years of experience in the business and our expert advice will guarantee the right solution. flat panel tvs such as LED, LCD, and home theater Plasma TVs were always designed to be wall mounted. Every flat-panel TV has a minimum of four TV wall mounting points on the rear of it.


  • More space! TV wall mounts can release storage space on your amusement unit. Create valuable space on your TV unit, you can even remove the unit altogether to create a modern look.
  • Performance! With a leaning or swing arm wall mount bracket, you’ll notice the optimum viewing position. By sportfishing the TV installation to the foremost common seating position.
  • Safety! TV installation is the smartest thanks to defending your TV from accidental bumping or tipping. It conjointly acts as a thievery deterrent. There are several recorded cases of injury thanks to the TV being forced over by kids. So, What higher reason to own your flat screen TV professionally wall mounted?

Don’t wait and obtain reality with us for a high-quality TV wall mounting service at extremely reasonable costs.
Our team of experts will start with an inspection when you are thinking of installing your flat-screen TV. They will also ask you which wall you are thinking of using your TV on. Once they have confirmed that the wall is secure enough to hold your television. They will then let you know that they will start the TV installation on the said wall. If the wall you are thinking of installing your TV, they will suggest another area for safe installation.

TV Mounting

The next thing our team will do is either install the brackets that you purchased for your flat-screen TV. If these are not safe for your TV to use, we will provide the necessary brackets you need. We have brackets suitable for metal, masonry, drywall, and wood walls.
Once your TV is safely installed and mounted, we will also take care of connecting up. To help keep your wires concealed and properly protected. We can also provide you with paintable molding strips up to 5 feet in length to be used. Simply let us know if this is an option you would like to use.

Best Professional Services

Once the installation is complete, we are sure that your TV is securely mounted to your wall. we test everything to see if everything is working as it should. We will check if all the connections are functioning properly and if the TV is working well enough. We will also let you test the unit to see if you are happy with the work that is done. After the installation and checking process, we also clean up after ourselves. We take pride in the fact that, after installing your flat-screen TV to your wall. We make sure that all debris and garbage that is produced by such an installation is cleared and carted away. Your home will be as clean as, if not cleaner than when our team first arrived for the installation process. So, To find out what your wall mounting options are and for a free in-home estimate. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 0581873002 and we will gladly help you get your TV safely up on your wall.

Contact us today!

Ready to transform your living space with professional TV mounting services in Dubai? Look no further than Carpenters Dubai! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality TV wall mounting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to free up space, enhance performance, or improve safety, our skilled technicians have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. From Plasma to LCD and LED TVs, we handle it all with precision and care. With a range of quality mounting brackets and installation options available, we ensure your TV is securely mounted to any wall surface. Plus, we take care of concealing cables and providing paintable molding strips for a clean, seamless look.

At Carpenters Dubai, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer thorough inspections, professional advice, and meticulous clean-up after every installation. We guarantee your TV will be securely mounted and functioning perfectly before we leave your home. Ready to get started? Contact us today at 0581873002 for a free in-home estimate and discover the possibilities for enhancing your entertainment space with our TV mounting services. Let us help you bring your vision to life!

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