Bed Footboard Repair Dubai

Bed Footboard Repair Dubai

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from everyday life and it is important for you to feel comfortable in your bed so you can recharge for the next day.  Beds consist of more than just a mattress and box spring as they generally include wooden headboards and footboards, and sometimes a wooden frame. These wood pieces are susceptible to damage and general wear and tear, especially considering that you use your bed on a nightly basis.  If you notice damage to your wooden headboard, footboard, or wood bed frame, our experts at Carpenters Dubai can help. We provide Bed Footboard Repair Dubai services to repair and refinish your wooden headboards, footboards, and bed frames.

Bed Footboard Repair Dubai

Bed Footboard Repair Dubai by Carpenters Dubai

While it may not seem like your Bed Footboard is vulnerable to damage, there are several ways that it can become damaged.  Your wooden headboards and footboards may be damaged by movers and pets, or by knocking into walls and nearby furniture which can result in gouges and dents.  It is also possible for wooden bed frames to crack or break from the stress of everyday use. Our expert handyman at Carpenters Dubai provides Bed Footboard Repair Dubai to repair the damage to your wooden headboard, footboard, or bed frame.
Our wood bed repair services consist of the following:

  • Precision Repair: We will repair dents, gouges, scratches, burns, watermarks, and other types of surface damage.
  • Repairs/ Re-Gluing: We can fix broken pieces and cracks in wood bed frames by regluing the pieces and setting them in place.

Bed Footboard Repair Dubai

Get Bed Footboard Repair Dubai By Professionals

Wooden headboards and bed frames add an elegant look to your bedroom, but not if the finish has become worn out or discolored.  The finish on wooden furniture becomes worn out over time which can cause it to lose its original color and luster. At Carpenters Dubai, we provide wood bed restoration services to restore the finish of your wooden headboard, footboard, and bed frame.  You can restore the original finish, or choose a new finish type to give your wooden headboard and bed frame a new look.
Our wood bed restoration services include the following options:

  • Restoration Refinishing: We can restore the original appearance of your wooden headboard and bed frame with a deluxe protective finish.
  • Refinishing/ Color Change: You can choose from our selection of paint and stain colors to give your wooden headboard, footboard, or bed frame a different look.

Bed Footboard Repair Dubai

If your wooden bed frame, headboard, or footboard has experienced damage or wear of the finish, replacement is not your only option.  Our expert handyman can repair and restore your wooden bed frame and headboard with our renowned wood furniture repair and refinishing services.

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