Wood Furniture Repair Dubai


Wood is the best product when it comes to making furniture. It makes durable, stylish and beautiful Wood Furniture Repair Dubai

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai:

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai

Carpenters Dubai Wood Furniture Repair Dubai services are also there to help you out in the most convenient way.

Steps of Wood Furniture Repair Dubai by Carpenters Dubai :

– Removing the polish or finish is the next step. It helps the furniture to work easily with the chemicals applied to it.

– It helps the furniture to get a uniform smoothness.

– Filling up the grains are the next step, some woods do not need grain filling as its grains are tight but others such as oak needs a grain filling to achieve an even and smooth surface.

– Applying sand sealing is done to prime the wood. 

– Staining is the next step, customers can choose the type of stain to be used such as oil-based stains, and water-based stains, gel stains. They can also choose the color they want to apply to match the interior and give it a woodier look.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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