Car Bed Frame Assembly Service

We all love our children prior to almost everything and we care about their needs and requirements from time to time. We wanted to see them happy and enjoying their childhood days without any interruption. Our child loves to have different toys, consoles and other different things for entertainment. We should also understand what they want with their increasing age timeline. Some child love to have Car Toys which they bag in their closet and they wish to have almost every model car toy or dummy. Some of them are too much love cars and they wanted to live their life around cars. So, for them, we have an amazing idea to get them Car Bed which is ideal for them and we also provide Car Bed Frame Assembly Service. So, no worries at all we have a complete range of services in this regards. Car Bed Frame Assembly Service

Car Bed Frame Assembly Service by Professional Carpenters

If you’re a permanent resident of Dubai then you must know the name of Carpenters Dubai by Samraa Maintenance Group of Companies. Majority of Dubai residents know us as we are known as a brand in Dubai by providing our continuous High-quality customer services. We started from 3 men team and now we are operating the whole of Dubai with a big number of professionals. We have a separate team for emergency services. Our Carpentry department is fully capable to handle any type of carpentry work either to make something from the beginning of something which needs to be repaired. 

Carpentry And Electrical Services Meeting Together:

Although Carpentry and Electrical Services are two separate and independent departments who work separately with full colors. But Car Bed Frame Assembly Service is that project which meets them up and works together as a team. It is some typical type of assembly which required both Carpenter and Electricians at a time on the spot.  Let discuss what duties Carpenter and Electrician perform in Car Bed Frame Assembly Service because Car Bed contains both wooden and electrical work.

Car Bed Frame Assembly ServiceCarpentry Work:

Carpenter performs the main task in this assembling which is to set up the frame of the bed and align all the necessary parts in their sequence. Carpenter also needs to perform a special task here which is making a channel for wiring for electrician. We assemble bed frame along with the back of the bed and also put a mattress over it and handle it to an electrician.

Electrical Work:

Electrician performs all the electrical wiring work here. The car bed is consist of car headlights and different electrical functions which are connected to electrical current. Electrician connects all the electrical points with proper connection and switches under the channel created by Carpenter.    

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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