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Antique mirrors are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from the beautiful early French designs with frames adorned with flowers and fruit to the ornate mirrored frames related to the Venetian style to the simplicity of gilt-edged classic overmantels. Original antique mirrors are probably very valuable looking at their quality and how well they need to be been preserved. Frames can be restored if necessary by professional Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai. Some folks choose to replace the mirror glass itself, which might devalue the mirror as antique mirror glass is very sought-after, however in some cases, if the mirror glass has been badly worn with very little reflective worth, then a copy replacement can enhance the value.

Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai by Carpenters Dubai

Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai When looking at antique mirrors it is therefore worthwhile considering what type of frame and what type of mirror glass effect you want. The advantage of going down the reproduction route is that you can essentially specify all aspects of your requirements.  For original antique mirrors, unless you are lucky enough to find exactly what you are looking for, there will inevitably be an element of compromise, though more often than not, it ought to be outweighed by the wonder, history or price of the mirror in question. Mirrors are continually prone to losing their shine creating them look older than they very are. Unforeseen spills, stains, cracks, and accidental breakage might leave your Antique mirrors not looking as perfect and new as you would like. Bringing back the shine of your beautiful antique mirror by yourself may prove difficult especially if you don’t know how to go about it. Our mirror Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai will create a perfect mirror and install it. We have a team of professional staff that has many years of experience in this field and will provide top-notch service that will exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai?

Our staff can use the simplest equipment to revive the shine in your antique mirror. The technology we use will bring better results than an ordinary DIY project. Our install and restoration services are:
  • Safe: the possibility of cracks and breakages will be gently handled and this will make your antique furniture more safe for you, kids and your pets.
  • Cleaner: after the whole install process, the mirror will definitely get a sparkling and fresh look that will make it cleaner
  • Healthier: a spotless clean mirror with no cracks gives you the feeling of a healthy environment around you and your loved ones.

Our Antique Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai process

Antique Mirror Mounting Dubai To start off with the process, our expert team will:
  • Access the area: this is an important step since the team will be able to determine the sizing and dimensions, and how best they will manage to achieve the best results.
  • Separate the existing mirror and frame: or remove t from the wall completely if needed to make sure our experts can access the area without difficulties.
  • Work on it: We will fabricate and install a brand new mirror you will love based on your exact requirements.
Our highly experienced teams are always ready to get into action and will always deliver the best to our clients. Our rates are very much affordable and competitive so you don’t have to worry about being extorted. We are capable of handling any type of antique mirror damage in any type and size of the house. Call us today to get your installs done and see how fast and efficient our team is. Get back the shine on your antique mirror with us and you’ll be 100% happy.  

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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