Wooden Floor Polishing Services

Wooden Floor Polishing ServicesWe are providing Wooden Floor Polishing Services Dubai. Wood has always been the most popular floor covering due to its hard wearing nature and with the attractive nature. The key to maintaining all the condition of a wood floor is the seal applied to the surface, and if the seal is broken or worn through and exposing bare wood then the flooring will become damaged and marked. Our team of expert technicians provides polishing, sanding, sealing and cleaning services as a solution to your wooden flooring requirements. So we are providing our services in Dubai in a big range. Not just wooden floor we are able to do polish and cleaning all types of a floor as well.

Wooden Floor Polishing Services by Carpenters Dubai

We are providing Wooden floor polishing services Dubai. Wooden floors are not that much hard to keep it clean. Unlike carpets, they require minimum maintenance and last for could make your house look both beautiful and spacious. Maintaining methods do not differ much depending on the particular type of hardwood floor, but some finishes may require extra when removing the smudges or stains. The fastest and the most effective way of cleaning a Wooden Floor Polishing Serviceshardwood floor is to use a damp mop. Just make sure that dust has been removed prior to mopping the wooden floor as dust particles have abrasive properties. You can just use a soft broom or lightweight vacuum cleaner and then simply mop, since and repair several times. It is important to remove the grit and all the dirt from the wooden floors because they are the major reason behind scratches, scuffs and scours. Now there is a wide variety of wooden floor cleaners available but a pH neutral cleanser and the water will do the best and be just as effective. Make sure the sealing coat is intact because otherwise, the water-based solution will seep through worn patches, penetrate the wooden floor and cause warping. Most hardwood floors are now finished by using polyurethane based agents that make surface looks shiny and glossy. Wooden polishing liquid gives a mirror look to wood and is extremely hard wearing. The other major group of finishing agents, called penetration seals, are wax or oil based coating products that penetrate deeply into the wood and protect floors from within.

Wooden Floor Polishing

Surprisingly many people don’t make a difference between polishing and refinishing. Refinishing is a process where you remove the old finish and apply a completely new one. Polishing is only when you strengthen the existing by adding another coat on top.

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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