Outdoor Furniture Repair

The humidity and moisture of the Dubai climate can be devastating to outdoor wood furnishings such as tables, doors, and seating. Intense heat, combined with storms and wet seasons, exposes the wood to the elements, causing the coating to peel and wood furniture and buildings to fade and crack. It is critical to care for and preserve outdoor furniture regularly to keep it looking good and prevent deterioration. However, Carpenter Dubai has a statewide network of experts in Outdoor Furniture Repair and Furniture Restoration Dubai. We will provide a service that ranges from minor chips or dents to full renovation of outdoor tables or seating, we’re able to deliver a service that matches your expectations.

We have experience with outdoor furniture repair, renovation, and maintenance, including the following:

  1. Cleaning, sanding, and re-staining furniture are all part of the renovation and preservation process.
  2. Outdoor furniture repairs include corner/edge rebuilding, dent, chip, scuff, and watermark repair.
  3. Cleaning, sanding, and re-staining of outdoor decks, doors, green roofs, fences, pillars, feature screening, and staircases.

Outdoor Furniture Repair


So it is easier than you believe to repair and modernize your old and worn-out outdoor furniture while being environmentally conscious. With a little imagination, you can turn your shabby pieces into the focal point of your entertainment area.


Outdoor chairs are frequently padded and cushioned. They decay faster than other forms of furniture because they are exposed to the weather. Therefore, removing the old cushion cover and replacing it with new fabrics, can be readily amended.

TIP: Cushion covers have the ability to brighten or soften a room. Allow the fabrics to do their work and create an environment that would make you want to spend time outside.


Pallets are very trendy right now, and because they are so flexible, they will be around for a long time!  Creativity has now made it a design feature to use to build furniture and outdoor features, and the options are unlimited! Pallets may be repurposed into furniture, outdoor lounge chairs, vegetable garden beds, wall painting, and so on.


The advantage of old wrought iron-legged tables and chairs is that the top may be brass, metal, glass, or timber. All of these materials can be readily spruced up to add a splash of color.

Outdoor Furniture Repair


Fortunately, wooden tables are incredibly easy to work with, and you can easily achieve a new look.

To lessen the risk of splinters, just sand back all loose pieces of timber and round off the corners. Apply several coats of stain in the desired color, allowing the table to dry between coats.

However, making the most of the furniture you already have does not require you to be satisfied with its current state. By making a few basic upcycling choices, you can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Try an outdoor furniture repair before throwing it away and repairing it to be a friend to the environment and save yourself a lot of money. You’ll be impressed at how simple and efficient our services are.

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