Handyman vs carpenter

Handyman vs Carpenter

Handyman vs Carpenter:- Saving some money could be an incentive for you for preferring a handyman over a carpenter to get a home improvement job done but ask yourself this question: Is it really so? Because: When you look at the work, you are going to get it done by a handyman, from various perspectives you might end up paying more than you actually were looking to bargain for.

Handyman vs carpenter

Handyman vs Carpenter – “Quality of Work”

Let’s start with the quality of work done by a handyman vs that done by a carpenter. If you would like to define a handyman in layman’s terms, he/she is the jack of all trades, master of none.

So much of the quality, the person who is just looking for work here and there and going in between jobs would least be interested in quality. He can get it done for you anyway. And go off with what you considered a bargained chip.

On the other hand, if you look at the quality of work done by a qualified and experienced carpenter from the perspective of its longer sustainability! Which often comes with some guarantee, your cost of work is far more competitive. Cheaper, in fact.

Work done by a handyman is most likely to raise doubts for you! And are likely to have less piece of mind not just because of the quality but many features surrounding it.

The work for example is less likely to be neatly done by a handyman. Your space may appear to be messier! And the environment is less spacious. And give dull looks as in the case of fencing work.

A handyman may be good at doing small supporting tasks but if it is structural work i.e., building a retaining wall, or fence, and repairing expensive branded furniture, we would never recommend you a handyman.

Handyman vs carpenter

Budget Point of View

Even from a budget point of view, you should consider a carpenter for your improvement work in the current time of tight financial situations. Moreover, work done by a professional stay cost-effective.

A handyman is also like to be someone looking for some work in addition to his regular job in another field since he has or he thinks he has the skills needed for various jobs. So, he is not going to be concerned about his reputation.

While a professional carpenter would highly likely be interested to retain customers and build the customers’ loyalty for future work and reference. He is going to be 100 percent in maintaining higher standards of work he carries out. From start to finish he is going to be very systematic, and this always adds to the quality and elegant finishing.

Also, don’t fall fool to cheaper offers or packaging often offered by handymen. For example, if you are getting a retaining wall fixed by a handyman! They could offer to do it cheaper for you if you get another job done by them.

This is a common trick that one can fall for. Get it done once and get it done professionally even if the job appears costlier at first consideration! But when divided by quality and sustainability it is actually cheaper. It is a sensible piece of advice, which you should consider thoroughly while making up your mind!

Handyman vs carpenter


  •     First, think about the work and its different aspects.
  •     Do some search online or make inquiries over the phone.
  •     Be confident about your finances before committing to the work.
  •     Calculate the Time, Cost, and Sustainability of work in relation to one another.
  •     Contact Carpenter Dubai for advice and information.

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