Drawers Repair in Dubai

Drawers Repair in DubaiProviding you with the Drawers Repair in Dubai. If you are typing on a broken sliding out drawer so it would be so difficult and almost it will be impossible to type, the weight of the keyboard and your arms rest on the drawer. We put lots our weight on the drawers and expect nothing to happen until it comes apart. The manufacturers set a sliding mechanism which works according to its law, but when we put the burden and overload it with things, when we put things more than its capacity then the mechanism disturbs and the nut-bold get loose and in the result, the drawer does not bear the load and fell on the ground. The most efficient thing is to maintain your shelves is to keep providing the maintaining service to your drawer once in a month.

Drawers Repair in Dubai by Carpenters Dubai

Carpenters Dubai providing you with the best Drawers Repair in Dubai services to your home cabinets drawers, desk drawers,  and kitchen sliding cabinets. Something on the drawer will give. And most of the cases the sliding mechanism that becomes bent. If that is the case then we would just have the idea how to replace the slider. They are made of solid steel and that is because they are a solid pair, so after the judgment, we install new and better quality of sliders. Only, in this case, we have to change the slider because the solid slider is not able to be fixed. And this is why we have to replace them with the other and easily find sliders.

Drawers Repair in DubaiThe Wood Cabinets Slider in the Kitchen

We are able to fill these holes with some special glue and can stick it. After that, we cut the tree and clean the surface and give the same look like it was before. We will make a new hole with the drill and will make it look better than it was. But it would be better than the older one.  

Wide Range Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

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