Pergola Painting Services Dubai

Pergola Painting Services Dubai

Pergolas can be amazingly beautiful and romantic spaces. They are also great spaces to enjoy the outdoors while hiding from the hot sun. After a few seasons of being exposed to the elements, however, your pergola has probably gone from looking fab to looking drab. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to get that outdoor area looking incredible again with a good coat of fresh paint. So, if you’re thinking that your pergola is getting older and is now giving an ugly view then you just need to repaint your Pergola with some expert painting service providers like Carpenters Dubai who have Pergola Painting Services Dubai in which our expert painters do the job expertly.

Pergola Painting Services Dubai

Pergola Painting Services Dubai by Carpenters Dubai:

Here in Dubai, Carpenters Dubai is not afraid of hard work. If you’ve got a pergola that needs a fresh coat of paint, you can trust our expert and professional team to do Pergola Painting Services Dubai rightly. So, what is it that sets us apart from the rest?

We Specialise in All Aspects of Exterior Painting

  • We offer a complete service – From color consultation to water blasting, repair of rot, and the painting itself, our diversified team of specialists can look after your whole project from start to finish
  • Carpenters Dubai knows how to work in the Dubai climate – The weather is always a challenge when painting outdoors. In our 10+ years of experience, we’ve learned how to handle Dubai weather
  • Excellent attention to detail – Prepping and painting porches and pergolas is a detailed and sometimes fiddly task. We know it’s the small things that make the biggest difference to the finished product so we pay attention
  • Thorough preparation – Your porch or pergola might look alright for a few months with a fresh coat of paint slapped on top but failing to adequately prepare surfaces for painting is the leading cause of flaking and bubbling that not only looks subpar but exposes your structures to damage from the elements. Our careful preparation process ensures an excellent finish that will protect the timber for years to come
  • We know your house is a home – Your life shouldn’t need to stop just because the porch or pergola is being painted so we’ll endeavor to keep your home clean and tidy while we’re working

Pergola Painting Services Dubai


To ensure that professional and protective finish we pride ourselves on, our porch and pergola painting process includes:

  • Thorough cleaning – A great painting job starts with a clean surface. Usually, that involves water blasting your porch or pergola to remove grit, cobwebs, and plant matter for a smooth finish
  • Once the surface is clean we’ll scrape off any old and flaking paint, repair damaged or rotten timber
  • Protection of your home and garden – Before we start working on detailed, decorative trim, posts, and fence railings we’ll cover and tape off anything that’s not getting painted to protect your home and garden from accidental damage
  • Your choice of quality brands – We give you the choice of all the quality paint brands you know and trust and will recommend the best type of paint for your porch or pergola
  • Clean-up – Once we’ve finished painting, we’ll thoroughly clean up the area and remove all rubbish. So your home is picture-perfect and ready for you to enjoy

Contact us today for expert Pergola Painting Services in Dubai!

Don’t let your pergola continue to deteriorate under the harsh Dubai sun. Let Carpenters Dubai revive it with a fresh coat of paint, transforming it into a beautiful and inviting outdoor space once again. Our expert team specializes in all aspects of exterior painting, ensuring a professional and protective finish that will last for years to come. Contact us today at 0581873002!

Pergola Painting Services Dubai

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